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Making the most reliable FttX systems on the globe.

The very best systems. The very best connectivity. From local exchange points to the front door. From the smallest fibers and tubes to PoPs. Microfocus goes beyond fiber. Far beyond.

Complete FttX systems and end-to-end solutions

Fiber to the home, office, building or curb. By combining our modular building blocks, Microfocus provides reliable networks from start to finish.

The most reliable systems

25 years guarantee


entire networks from start to finish

ultimate protection

both above and below ground

Modular building blocks

Laying out the right puzzle pieces


Going beyond fiber together with Netceed

Netceed is market leader in the distribution of passive equipment for telecom, electricity, water, gas & industry. At Netceed we shape the future of communication networks, with comprehensive end-to-end solutions. From revolutionizing telecom infrastructure to delivering broadband solutions, we exceed expectations worldwide.